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About us




It's the reason we got into this business and reason we remain passionate about it.


Jim & Mary

A legacy began when over 40 years ago our parents

Jim and Mary Charback began creating slides and

processing slide film in our living room as an offshoot

of Jim's position with the Illinois Farm Bureau photo

lab. As the need for our services grew, so did our

business. In 1985, the years of hard work and

perseverance paid off and we were able to make

JMC Productions our full-time business.

Commitment to our family, our business and our

customer's fueled continued growth and, in 1989

JMC became a true family business when we moved

into a new building and the Charback daughters,

Ann and Cathy came on board full time.




Over the past 2 decades, we have seen many changes in the photography and photo business and have responded to these changes by allowing JMC to evolve. In 2001 JMC Productions entered the digital arena and became JMC Photo & Digital Services. JMC continually strives to respond to advances in technology and expand our capabilities. We have introduced a varied number of ways to use images that have been created with both digital cameras and cell phones. And, in 2014 we opened up Zinnia Pics Portrait Studio. A new way to create Fun and Beautiful portraits.



Through all of the changes, additions and expansions, we remain devoted to the fundamental philosophy that Jim Charback knew would sustain our business and keep our customers coming back  continued superior quality of service and product.



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